profile picture of Dhvani

Hi, I'm Dhvani! A recent Software Engineering graduate from UWaterloo, currently working on my own startup.

I love creating art to express myself. Two of my favourite kinds are technology and leadership. I love building technology and can often be found fixing bugs, programming apps, and exploring new technologies. I also love working with people and being what I call "God's advocate": always asking "how can this idea win?" and "how can this person win?".

Two other kinds of art I enjoy are designing systems and solving problems.

The world is the canvas, but the art is more important than the artist. At the core, I believe in helping the greater good and working for society. I am also a huge fan of conversations with people who are driven to solve important problems. I'd love to talk with you about your ideas and I can be reached via email or DM on Twitter.

Interests: cryptography, zero-knowledge systems, artificial intelligence, intelligence augmentation, healthcare, leadership, startups